There’s absolutely nothing wrong with playing musical chairs, but there are some far more fun ways for kids to have a great time at a birthday party! For instance, start with a jumping castle hire. This party hire option is a great way to get the kids excited to get to the party and provides a range of activity options to keep them occupied.

If you want your kid’s party to be one that they and their friends will remember for a long time to come, jumping castle hire is the way to go. Combine that with some excellent games and you’ve got yourself a party! To find a service for jumping castle hire in Melbourne, as well as some kids party game ideas, keep reading.

The Perfect Solution – Jumping Castle Hire

We know the real reason why everyone was so excited to get to the party – the jumping castle. There are plenty of places you can find a high-quality jumping castle hire in Melbourne for a child’s party or other occasions. Jumping castle hire is fantastic because let’s face it, no one is going to buy one just for their child. Having it fill up your backyard, running the power to it, and so forth is too much of a hassle to have it in place permanently. Jumping castle hire allows you to treat your child to a day or two of fun and then you simply return it.

So, the question is, what are the benefits of having a jumping castle hire service for your next party or event?

  1. Activity – if you’re struggling to come up with party ideas, jumping castles are an activity by themselves. This party hire option can keep children entertained all afternoon at the event without too much work from you.
  2. Outdoors – not keen on the house getting messy? Keeping children outside during a party can be a challenge. When you go with jumping castle hire at your event in Melbourne, the kids will be happy to go outside! Plus, most jumping castles have a roof so there is built-in sun protection.
  3. Games – playing your favourite games in a jumping castle offers a new twist. Keep reading to find out about just a few options for games to play in a jumping castle. We’re sure that you will have loads more ideas as well!

Types of Jumping Castles

Classic Jumping Castle

Getting a classic jumping castle hire can be an excellent way to go. This is especially a great idea for younger children as the more complex jumpy castles can be too difficult for them to bounce around on. They will have more fun on the classic version with a blown-up floor and 4 walls or dome shape.

Remember that small children can get overwhelmed with too many kids on a jumping castle, so only let a few of them on at a time if they are very young.

Jumping Castles with Slides

Jumping castles with slides are a fantastic option for the slightly older children that are coming out of the toddler stage, for example, 4 – 8 years old. They provide extra stimulation for the kids as they can zoom down the slide. It’s a fun but safe activity for active kids, thanks to the cushioned sides of the castle.

Interactive Jumping Castles

Finally, the best jumping castles are those which offer something more for the kids to do than just bouncing around on them. Find the ultimate jumping castle hire service that provides a range of jumping castle accessories. For example, tunnels for the kids to crawl their way through and large inflated rods for them to try to move around without falling over. These types of jumping castles are excellent for older children who may be bored on a simpler version.

Jumping Castle Games

There is plenty that you can do with your jumping castle hire apart from jumping around on it. To get the party started, here are some games that you can gather the kids around to play on the jumping castle. We’ve curated a list of games so that there is something in there to suit every age group from simple games through to more complex ones.

Bouncing Animals

If there is one thing that kids love, it’s a challenge. And playing the bouncing animals game is exactly that. You start by getting everyone into the jumpy castle. In this game, everyone takes a turn calling out the name of an animal and then they all have to start bouncing like that animal. For example, if the animal is a frog, everyone would crouch down and try to start leaping around like a frog. Because everyone is doing this in a jump castle, that makes it even more fun, and far more challenging because it’s hard not to topple over.

Balloon Games

What goes better with jumping castles than balloons? There are many games you can play in a jumping castle with just a few balloons and a bit of imagination. First, there’s the classic ‘keep the balloon off the ground’ game which is made much tougher by playing it in a jumping castle. Simply throw a balloon up in the air in the jumping castle and everyone must try to hit it to each other without letting it touch the floor.

Another idea is to fill up the entire jumping castle with balloons. The kids will have heaps of fun popping them and throwing them around. This turns the jumping castle into a type of ball pit but for older kids, and with balloons instead of balls!

Duck, Duck, Goose

Have you ever sat down and then tried to stand up and run around in a jumping castle? It’s no easy feat! Playing an old-fashioned game of Duck, Duck, Goose is turned on its head when jumping castles are involved.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, here’s how to play. Get all of the kids to sit around in a circle, with one person standing up who is the ‘goose’. They must run around, tapping other players on the head, saying ‘duck’ or ‘goose’. The person who gets called goose must stand up and chase the other around the circle. They must try to tag the goose before they fill the empty seat. You can imagine the hilarity and chaos that ensue as these two try to run around on the unsteady ground in the jumping castle.

Relay Race

This is a relay race with a difference; the ‘baton’ being passed is a full cup of water and you’re in a jumping castle. This is a fun but easy and cheap game to set up as all you need is a couple of plastic cups of water. Break the kids into two teams to compete against each other in the relay and then send half of each team to opposite sides of the jumping castle.

The kids must race to the other side of the jumping castle holding the water without spilling it and pass to the next person in their team. Continue this until everyone has had a turn. The team who can do this the quickest without losing their water wins!

Obstacle Course

The obstacle course game also involves a cup or container of water. Simply set up a fun obstacle course of your choice in the jumping castle. One idea is to place soft toys on the ground that the kids have to zig-zag around. Or tell them they must keep a balloon in while running or hit a target with a ball. Go crazy dreaming up new ideas!

The participants must do all of the obstacles while holding a container of water. Set a time limit relevant to the difficulty of the course so that they have to rush. The person with the most water at the end of their time wins.

If you want to make it extra challenging for older kids, you could fill a shallow container with water, and it will be even harder not to spill this.

Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne FAQs

If you’re interested in a high-quality jumping castle hire service in Melbourne, look no further. Here at Unique Party Boutique, we have a large range of jumping castles on offer. People looking for a quality service that provides jumping castle hire in Melbourne call us. That’s because they know that we have some of the best jumping castles on offer for special events and parties.

How Much Is A Jumping Castle Hire?

Our affordable jumping castle hire prices vary according to which model in our range you would like at your event. Therefore, we recommend giving us a call to find out more about our party hire range and to get a quote.

Can We Deliver Your Jumping Castle Hire?

We provide the service of delivering jumping castles to your home in Melbourne in plenty of time for your upcoming event. Simply let us know when you book your party hire where you would like the jumping castle delivered.

Are Jumping Castles Safe?

Jumping castles are completely safe for your children to bounce around on. As in any situation, however, we do recommend that the children refrain from pushing each other. It can become tempting in a bouncy castle environment as the kids may forget that they could still accidentally hurt each other.

What Sort of Event Should I have Jumping Castles At?

Jumping castles can suit any type of event. Maybe it’s a corporate fundraiser, kids party, school fair, or another event type. No matter what occasion it is for, getting party hire for a jumping castle can transform your next event. We provide this party hire service for countless types of occasions taking place across Melbourne.

Do You Offer Other Party Hire Options?

Yes, we have plenty of other party hire options that you can book along with your jumping castle hire. Come to us for all of your party hire needs including incredible quality photo booths, cotton candy machines, and slushy machines.

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